Buying Property

Looking to Purchase Property? We can help.

We understand how important this decision is, whether it be your first home or an investment property. We are here to help you, we aim to simplify the process to leave you with time for yourselves.

When you have found the property you wish to buy and the vendor accepts your offer we will:-

  • Review the Contract for Sale, advise you of your obligations and negotiate any changes you may require to the Contract with the vendors representative during the time frame imposed (if exchanged under a cooling off period)
  • Liaise with your lender to ensure you have unconditional loan approval for the amount to cover your purchase prior to the Contracts being unconditionally exchanged.
  • Organising Pest and Building and/or Strata Inspection Reports for the property on your behalf.
  • Attend to exchange of Contracts (if not under a cooling-off period)
  • Attend to Stamp Duty obligations, attend to stamp duty exemptions if eligible.
  • Liaise with your Lender to ensure your mortgage documentation is finalised with the time frame required by the Contract.
  • Attend to statutory enquiries on the property ie: Council rates, water rates, strata levies.
  • Liaise with your Lender and Vendors representatives to coordinate settlement within the time frame required by the Contract.
  • Attend to settlement on your behalf.
  • Liaise with Real Estate Agent after settlement to release the keys to you.

The agent may encourage you to sign a Contract under a “Cooling-Off Period”, this is where you as a purchaser lock in the vendor to the agreement and you have a period of 5 or 10 business days in which you can do your pre-purchase inspections. You put down a 0.25% deposit. If you decide not to proceed with the purchase for any reason within that 5 or 10 business day period, you “rescind” the Contract and forfeit the 0.25% deposit paid.

Stamp Duty is payable on all property transactions 3 months after an exchange. If you purchase a property “Off the Plan” Stamp duty is not required to be paid until 12 months from the date of exchange if you are buying as owner-occupier, if you are buying as an investor, you have the standard 3 months.

Unless settlement occurs earlier and you are borrowing money from a lender in which case stamp duty will be required on or before settlement.

Conveyances generally take 6 weeks or 42 days to complete. This time frame can be negotiated if required.