Selling Property
We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a draft contract within 72 hours of recieving instructions.

About To Sell? Already Sold?

Selling your home can be a timely and complicated process, by using a Licensed Conveyancer to do the work for you, you can reduce time spent running around and the risks involved in the process. In NSW it is compulsory for you to have a Contract for Sale prepared before you advertise.

At Towns Conveyancing Services we can help you through every step of the way to ensure a smooth process and rapid Contract preparation to get your property advertised within the shortest time possible.

Once you have decided to sell, we will:

  • Obtain your full instructions in order to have all the relevant information and documentation to prepare a Contract for Sale.
  • Order all necessary searches on your behalf.
  • Prepare Contract for Sale and forward to your Listing Agent.
  • Receive Sales Advice from the Agent.
  • Discuss with you the obligations under the Contract and Cooling-off period (if any).
  • Liaise with your outgoing mortgagee and purchasers representatives.
  • Receive Transfer documentation and attend on you to sign in readiness of settlement.
  • Co-ordinate your outgoing mortgagee and purchasers representative for settlement including reviewing adjustments and figures required to complete the transaction.
  • Attend to settlement on your behalf and notifying yourself and your Agent of settlement.

It is vitally important that you notify us of any building work done to the property and any council approvals and insurances for such work.

Conveyances generally take 6 weeks or 42 days to complete. This time frame can be negotiated if required.